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Cheryl Garthwaite of BH Engage delivering communications and strategy training to a  marke
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Blacker Hall Farm


Cheryl is a Director of Blacker Hall Farm. Her background in the meat sector and marketing expertise led her to Blacker Hall Farm in 1999 as a Business Development Manager. She continues to support the management and marketing team with strategy, training and development, and mentoring.

Together with her husband Edward, who is the Managing Director of the Garthwaite family enterprise, they developed the business to become one of the UK's top farm shops. Winner of countless national awards including the Guild of Fine Food's Retailer of the Year and UK's Best Farm Shop, Blacker Hall Farm is firmly on the map as a fresh, local food-retail and dining destination.

Cheryl has a genuine belief that everything begins with people. So, seeking support, investing in training, and building strong relationships paves the way for innovation, growth and sustainability. Cheryl continues to support, mentor and develop the marketing team at Blacker Hall Farm.

Blacker Hall Farm Logo.png
The Wall of Ideas

Everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed and needs a shoulder to lean on.


Finding the right support and expertise was a critical aspect of growing our own small business operating out of a 400 year old barn. We now employ over 130 people!

So if you're looking for honesty, experience and a straightforward plan...

get in touch!

Cheryl Garthwaite
bh Engage.

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