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Project: Theraspace Fitness & Wellbeing


bh Engage. worked with Martyn Gregg of Theraspace Fitness and Wellbeing in Clayton West, Huddersfield, to create an enquiry website and promote his services.

The Coronavirus pandemic left Martyn in a limbo as much of the fitness sector closed down during the series of national lockdowns. Martyn used this downtime to consider his options, and took the bold step of taking on his own gym and relocating.

As an experienced fitness trainer and sports therapist for more than 25 years, Martyn had always offered his services in other gyms. So Cheryl worked with Martyn to develop a website to handle enquiries with a degree of automation that he can manage from his mobile phone. She produced some branding elements for the gym to connect the messaging and tone of the website to his existing brand and physical experience.


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I'm so pleased with everything that Cheryl has done. She takes the time to explain everything in a straightforward way and works like she's a partner in your business. I love the look of my website which is driving new enquiries and the brand is brought to life in the gym. She even crawled on the floor to take photographs.. that's dedication!

Martyn Gregg
Owner, Theraspace Fitness & Wellbeing

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